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About Unibet, the Online Casino with a Difference

Unibet is an online casino that operates pretty much across the world, so long as the country allows online gambling. They are listed on the Nordic Exchange in Stockholm, which is very rare as most other online casinos are listed either in Malta or in Antigua. Unibet has been there since the beginning, being founded in 1997. Since then, they have worked with over 8.2 million people who live in some 150 different countries.

One of the things that makes Unibet so different is that they do not have commercial activities. Hence, they do not have a brand to promote or to stick with, but rather they make sure that they offer their customers what they want, when they want it.

To ensure customers know they can trust the company, they have registered with all relevant gambling authorities, including the EGBA, RGA, eCOCGRA and more. This last one is of particular importance, since their focus is on responsible gambling and ensuring people do not develop gambling addictions.

Unibet has a strong focus on responsible gaming, allowing customers to take a gambling profile test to help prevent escalating addictions. Besides this, they are behind the EU Responsible Gaming Day and they make regular and annual donations to Gambling Therapy. Unibet is quite clearly a gambling site with a difference.

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